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UV Swim and Activewear by MOD Swim!

In San Antonio Texas, swimming is nearly a year round thing, and as a nanny I’m constantly outdoors with the little one especially in the pool and my biggest thing is always having comfortable (and cute) swimwear that I can easily wear without worrying about revealing “too much.” I prefer more of a sports/swim attire. So after searching for just that, I discovered MOD SWIM on Etsy, and I fell in love with their pieces and I had to share them with you!

**Though this post is sponsored, this is my honest opinion of the MOD Swim line** 


MOD SWIM  is a line based out of Miami beach, Fl established by Lisa a mother who wanted to create comfortable and “modest UV swim and active wear” for women and children that could be worn in the sun, water, and all throughout the day. I was sent three of their swim shirts in size M and SM. They are true to size, and come in a variety of colors and are very affordable.

I love the fit especially the 3/4 length and the slight looseness to them for comfort, and that they’re not extremely tight like traditional rash guards!

MOD Swimwear has offered an awesome swim shirt discount to my viewers! Entering this code:5t9k11m will give you 15% off your purchase!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and this sweet discount from Lisa and her team! Until next time, I hope you all have a confetti worthy Monday!!


Weekend unwinding

The weekends are my days off from #nannylife, but to be completely honest, I’m far from “off.” Im just working on my other projects which usually consists of content creating, following up with emails, marketing, and really tending to any and everything I didnt get to do the previous week/weekend like “getting around” to cleaning my room, and/or my car (laundry is done during the week because it would never get done over the weekend lol)… Read more

Summer hacks, and snacks!!

Hi guys!!

Last week I met up with my friend Fiona, co-host at SA Live (a hit daily variety show here in San Antonio) to share a few fun hacks for a successful summer, as well as healthy snack ideas!! You can never have too many of either right!??! If you’d like to tune in, follow both links below!! Stay cool, and have a confetti worthy Tuesday!!


Healthy Snack Ideas!!



From Crib to…Floor?

The other day while talking with my charge’s swim instructor, she asked me how old he was, and when I told her that he was nearly 19 months, it suddenly dawned on me that he was right around the corner from turning two! You don’t realize how fast the time seems to go by until you tell someone how old your little one is.. Read more

Am I doing enough?!

You would be surprised how many times this question really runs through a nanny’s head. Im sure this is the case for many professionals in different career fields, but my goodness, we could arrive to work on time, cook, clean, hug kiss teach protect and even stay late and work additionals hours and still wonder if we are doing enough! It’s like, we know we do a lot…but do we do enough?!

here’s what I mean.. Read more