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If you’re reading this post and you’re a mom, I just want to say that I hope your mother’s day was filled with tons of love and appreciation! You guys make this job look way too easy but as a nanny, I know it is not!

Last week I got to share a TON of products out there for new mommas, and momma-to-bes!! This list was so hard to condense, but due to airtime, I had to make my list short, but powerful and of course, fill it with tons of products I feel mommas not only need, but didnt know existed to make their life easier!! Several brands like Juju be, and Tula baby (just to name a few) were so generous and helped me giveaway a ton of these must have items (giveaways are still going strong and are being held on my instagram page so make sure you send me a follow request to enter!!) Read more

Techy Toys that Teach and Sensory Play!

If you can’t beat em, join em! Or make what they’re addicted to a valuable tool 😉

We are living in a day and age where tablets like the iPad are King. We can’t get away from them! Try to keep them out of your home, and BAM! They’re in your child’s classroom! But no need to fear. The tablet doesn’t have to be this eye straining screen that turns your child into a zombie to just stare at it for hours. It actually can be a very valuable learning tool for your child. I’m someone who believes that exposure to screen time like the iPad and computers, are something that every parent should encourage. It’s learning how not to abuse the time spent in front of the screen, and also figuring out what programs/apps are best for teaching your child. You want these little guys to know how to work these techy gadgets and exposing them to it is simply part of the deal.  Read more

Kids misbehaving? Try this!


Terrible twos,” “un-thrilling threes,” “war with fours” you name it, at some point during the toddler stage you’re going to find it a bit of a challenge to get your little ones to behave. It’s not completely their fault either. Your little ones are learning how to handle these emotions, and express theirself, all while wanting to have some control and independence in this world. Parents, and caregivers have to teach children how to deal with these emotions, and how to behave in different situations. Read more

EZPZ Lemon Squeezy!

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect when I came across one of the best inventions ever. It was dinner time, and I was trying to get my nanny kiddo to try some pasta…The event sort of went like this: Jada warms pasta up, puts pasta in bowl. Jada sets pasta bowl on highchair tray…Blue (my nanny baby) looks at pasta, takes one deep breath and…WHACK!…Blue knocks pasta in bowl right onto the floor… Read more

Your new favorite travel buddy!

Anything that makes traveling with children possible, I want it!

Do you remember the movie transformers (of course you do! It hasn’t been THAT long)? Well just how those things transformed from cars to oversized giant robot things that protected planet the earth, I have a transformer that’s a total game changer for parents and nannies that will protect your sanity!

It’s called the Bag rider.

Photo by Taylor Lucille Photography

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You’ll be ready to take on parenting after watching this for sure!

I seriously thought the thing that sparked “baby fever” in a person was the cuteness of a child…until I came across these products!!

Today’s segment on SA LIVE came right in time for parents because I shared several products that were all different but served the same purpose- to make parenting a little easier and boy were our viewers impressed! I was constantly hearing “I sure wish we had this when our kiddos were younger” and “OMG I need this!!” Watch the full segment HERE to see what we were swooning over today, and after be sure to head over to my instagram page to find the direct links to all of the products mentioned on today’s show!!

I hope you find it confetti worthy!