September 17, 2015

About me


My name is Jada Pickett and I am a professional Nanny/advocate and Media Personality. I still remember exactly how this party got started despite the fact that it was nearly eight years ago. I was working in a daycare center and a coworker of mine was putting in her two weeks notice after accepting a position as a full-time nanny for one of the families who attended that particular day care at the time. What was funny to me was that even though I was a big fan of shows like “The Nanny” and the ever so popular “Mary Poppins” I hadn’t even considered nannying to be a real career. I babysat and cared for children my entire preteen and teenage life, yet providing chilcare in a more custom way had never seemed to be anything that I would consider doing until I saw my coworker prepare to begin her new journey in childcare as a professional nanny. “I want to do that too” I thought, and so I did. Fast forward to nearly eight years later, and boy is the party still going!

strollers1Confetti just seems to follow me everywhere I push this stroller these days, and this job that I once never even considered to be a job is now a major part of my life! It is my P A S S I O N!!

One of the things that excites me the most is being able to advocate for Nannies by sharing their true value in hopes to continue to break the negative stereotypes or underestimation made regarding this industry!
I’ve been able to do that is through a few different outlets- first is via this blog and my youtube channel. Second being via the ABC affiliated show and SA live right here in my hometown San Antonio Texas, and third through The Nanny Box-  a seasonal gift box I created for families and nanny agencies to have a unique and meaningful way to show their nanny appreciation.
This profession has brought a ton of different emotions and routes, but what seems to always remain consistent is the joy that never fails to come from it. I have loved and bonded with more children than I will probably conceive on my own, and I have more friends that are Super Nannies these days than not (yes, our conversations are all about our nanny adventures! #squadgoals). Each day I am inspired to be the best example I can be and continue providing another valuable resource of information for caregivers and families with a goal to help make their lives easier.  I am beyond grateful for this career that God led me to.