A Family Adventure…On WHEELS!

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Happy Fabulous Friday guys!

It’s always a great day whenever I get to hangout with my friends on SA LIVE and today I’m sharing with you all about it!!

As many of you know, I am the founder and Lead Placement Specialist at No Other Nanny based here in San Antonio Texas…Basically, I work with a lot of families to help them discover their childcare needs, and  I love every. single. bit of it. My mission is to make parenting less stressful, and more enjoyable! I truly believe that life doesn’t end when you start a family, it’s really just beginning and with the right people and resources in place, this new normal called raising babies is one that has more highs than lows.

I was on instagram several months ago, when I came across this gorgeous looking mint blue bike that had what looked like a cargo storage bucket on the back..the beautiful mint color and milk chocolate leather handle bars and seat caused me to want to find out what on earth was this beauty? I had been looking for a bicycle that I could use with my own nanny kiddo Blue this fall because being outdoors is the only way to live life right during the cooler temps in Texas.

That’s when I discovered this fabulous bike was the Madsen Cycle…

If you haven’t heard of Madsen Cycles, I am elated to be the first person to share it with you! In short, Madsen cycles is the definition of family adventure.

Built on the idea that a bicycle can do more. Madsen Cycles is the most beautiful and well-made cargo bike on the market!!

Before I even continue, just stop and admire this beauty, and while you’re at it, imagine all the places and things you can do with this fabulous bike aka adventure on wheels!


 When I brought this baby on the show yesterday, all eyes were on me (nah, it was just the Madsen they were peeping ;))! Even my dad was obsessed with it (shout out to him for delivering this baby on the set!)! They were in awe of this bicycle and had so much fun playing with it! I think it’s safe to say that even if you don’t have children, the Madsen bicycle is still a fabulous option! Click here to watch me share more about it and see both Jenn and Mike test it out on the show as well as a few bonus activities that are educational, and fun for the entire family!!

A few things I find absolutely fabulous about the company and the bicycle:

  1. The creators. Lisa and her husband are simply amazing. I nannied for a family years ago who created and invented a product for their family and I love the inventions on shark tank that are birth from families as well. Family inventors are my favorite.
  2. More than just a pretty bicycle. The aesthetics are obvious but don’t let the cute face fool ya! The Madsen is durable, rugged, and ready for even the toughest adventure. It even holds up to 600 lbs and if you’re worried about the bike ever tilting, just look at their patented kickstand and then, let your worries fade away.
  3. Customizable. You will easily fall in love with every color, and that might leave you stuck with trying to figure out which color to go with….well, they’ve taken care of that too because you can create your own look by mixing and matching different bucket colors!!
  4. Versatile. Think of all the things you can do with the Madsen! It’s crazy what a difference a durable cargo bucket with removable seats can do for your life! Store your children, snacks, pets, groceries…even trick or treat with the Madsen! I promise, as long as theres a place to go outdoors, the Madsen can take you and some there!
  5. CODE. The Madsen family was so sweet to give my followers and clients a special discount code to save $2o0…YES! $200 off your Madsen bicycle throughout the ENTIRE month of October!! Such an amazing deal!! If you loved this post, be sure to enter NOOTHERNANNY200 upon checkout and sign up for my mailing list   and follow me on IG to be the first to hear about my fabulous family finds and coupon codes to save on them!

It’s truly a joy to be able to share products like Madsen cycles! Thank you SA live for allowing me to share my fabulous finds, and thank you to the Madsen family for creating such a fabulous product!!




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