If you’re reading this post and you’re a mom, I just want to say that I hope your mother’s day was filled with tons of love and appreciation! You guys make this job look way too easy but as a nanny, I know it is not!

Last week I got to share a TON of products out there for new mommas, and momma-to-bes!! This list was so hard to condense, but due to airtime, I had to make my list short, but powerful and of course, fill it with tons of products I feel mommas not only need, but didnt know existed to make their life easier!! Several brands like Juju be, and Tula baby (just to name a few) were so generous and helped me giveaway a ton of these must have items (giveaways are still going strong and are being held on my instagram page so make sure you send me a follow request to enter!!)

I featured my must have item recommendations on NBC’s San Antonio Living, as well as ABC’s SA Live which can both be viewed on my Facebook page if you click here! Be sure to watch both segments as some of the products are different in each segment! While you’re at it, make sure you have a pen and paper (or your smartphone) to write down all of the products I mention!! These are the perfect baby shower gifts for expectant friends and family as well!

Celebrating momma bears and parents in general is something we should take time out to do daily, but due to our busy lifestyles, sometimes we find it challenging to make that effort to acknowledge them the way they should be!! As busy twenty something myself, I try to call my mom everyday but even then I just don’t think I tell her how amazing she truly is and how blessed I am to be her daughter!

Everyday should be Mother’s Day!

until next time, have a confetti worthy week!

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