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May 17, 2017


If you’re reading this post and you’re a mom, I just want to say that I hope your mother’s day was filled with tons of love and appreciation! You guys make this job look way too easy but as a nanny, I know it is not!

Last week I got to share a TON of products out there for new mommas, and momma-to-bes!! This list was so hard to condense, but due to airtime, I had to make my list short, but powerful and of course, fill it with tons of products I feel mommas not only need, but didnt know existed to make their life easier!! Several brands like Juju be, and Tula baby (just to name a few) were so generous and helped me giveaway a ton of these must have items (giveaways are still going strong and are being held on my instagram page so make sure you send me a follow request to enter!!) Read more