Techy Toys that Teach and Sensory Play!

If you can’t beat em, join em! Or make what they’re addicted to a valuable tool 😉

We are living in a day and age where tablets like the iPad are King. We can’t get away from them! Try to keep them out of your home, and BAM! They’re in your child’s classroom! But no need to fear. The tablet doesn’t have to be this eye straining screen that turns your child into a zombie to just stare at it for hours. It actually can be a very valuable learning tool for your child. I’m someone who believes that exposure to screen time like the iPad and computers, are something that every parent should encourage. It’s learning how not to abuse the time spent in front of the screen, and also figuring out what programs/apps are best for teaching your child. You want these little guys to know how to work these techy gadgets and exposing them to it is simply part of the deal. 

I had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing co-host of ABC’s SA Live about this very topic- sensory play. I couldn’t wait to show her two awesome activities; one for their tablets, and one for the outdoors! I talk about an amazing French company by the name of Marbotic that have simply turned time on the iPad into an interactive experience with their wooden montessori letters and numbers and numbers that connect to tablets! Watch the full segment here as I give a live demonstration!

That being said, balance is key! Kids can very well receive a positive learning experience through use of the tablet, but they also need to get out and P L A Y. My favorite kind of play is Sensory play! It’s the best play in my opinion! Getting these little guys working with their senses from touching, to tasting will increase their learning and development. This is what educators and caregivers like myself mean when we say “teach through play!” Be sure to watch the entire segment to see a fun and easy DIY activity to do outside this spring and summer with the kiddos!!

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