Kids misbehaving? Try this!


Terrible twos,” “un-thrilling threes,” “war with fours” you name it, at some point during the toddler stage you’re going to find it a bit of a challenge to get your little ones to behave. It’s not completely their fault either. Your little ones are learning how to handle these emotions, and express theirself, all while wanting to have some control and independence in this world. Parents, and caregivers have to teach children how to deal with these emotions, and how to behave in different situations.

I met with my friends at SA Live to talk with Mike about a few different ways to encourage and instill positive behavior in toddlers because I know this area can be such a challenge for parents and children!

I shared  a few fun and simple behavior board ideas for all ages and even a fun activity that recognizes positive behavior as well! Click here to view the full segment! 


I hope you guys enjoy!

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