EZPZ Lemon Squeezy!

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect when I came across one of the best inventions ever. It was dinner time, and I was trying to get my nanny kiddo to try some pasta…The event sort of went like this: Jada warms pasta up, puts pasta in bowl. Jada sets pasta bowl on highchair tray…Blue (my nanny baby) looks at pasta, takes one deep breath and…WHACK!…Blue knocks pasta in bowl right onto the floor….That night, I went home to do some “new products” research and I just happened to have discovered my long lost best friend- The EZ PZ happy Mat . Featured on one of my favorite TV shows Shark Tank, EZPZ has made meal and craft time effortless by combining a placement and a plate using food grade silicone…But the best part about this is…it won’t move from the table! Their utility patented placemat suctions to the table preventing episodes like my pasta (which is one of many stories) and their super cute designs make the food look more appealing to the little ones!! I was so happy to feature it on the Houston television show Houston Life as one of my “silicone superheroes” that make parenting easier during meal and craft time! View the full segment here, and be sure to order your EZPZ happy mat after! You’ll thank me later!! Here are a few of the different colors and designs the happy mats come in! So adorable!

Until next time, have a confetti worthy day and remember, parenting doesn’t have to be a hassle. It can actually be effortless! That’s how God intended it to be!

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