Can’t get your toddler to brush their teeth? Try this!

It’s all fun and games until your toddler has no interest in getting their teeth brushed! Take it from someone who’s been brushing the teeth of toddlers for over 5 years, I can understand the fear that little ones develop over the tooth brush, and so can family dentist Hilary, and Psychologist Colleen. That’s why they came together and created The Brushies! 

Yesterday, in celebration of national dental health awareness month, I shared a few tips on getting your little ones loving to brush their teeth with my friends on SALIVE! As a nanny, Im always on the hunt for products and resources that help in the many areas of parenting putting, and that’s why I love “The Brushies” ! They are the worlds first and only finger puppet finger tooth brushes made for children between the ages 4weeks and 4 months (no wonder getting them to brush has been so hard all this time..the product didnt exist yet!)!

The four cute characterized finger puppets Willa, Chomps, Mo Mo, and Pinkey become a child’s favorite little friend making them look forward to brushing their teeth! Paired with the book, children become educated at an early age on the benefits of brushing their teeth which is such an awesome addition! It turns brushing into a fun experience children will look forward to instead of running away from! Watch the full segment here, and be sure to order this cute limited edition set or the single versions from The Brushies website!!

Always remember- God intends for parenting to be effortless, and not full of stress!

Have a confetti worthy day!

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