Your new favorite travel buddy!

Anything that makes traveling with children possible, I want it!

Do you remember the movie transformers (of course you do! It hasn’t been THAT long)? Well just how those things transformed from cars to oversized giant robot things that protected planet the earth, I have a transformer that’s a total game changer for parents and nannies that will protect your sanity!

It’s called the Bag rider.

Photo by Taylor Lucille Photography

“A suitcase…what’s the big deal?” is probably what you’re thinking so far based on this pick. Remember, I told you it was a transformer! I featured this “carryon suitcase” on SA LIVE as one of my recommendations for products that make traveling easier for parents and this my friend is not just your average carryon. This thing turns into a stroller with just a few steps. See it in action here!!

¬†In my earlier nanny days, when we would travel through the airport, I always found it to be a hassle. Bringing along so much STUFF just made it that much more of a challenge. I know I wasn’t the only one who just wished I could plop the kids on top of my suitcase and rush to the terminals! Thank God for Mountain Buggy, a children’s ¬†products line recognized for its all terrain and innovative designs for parents who desire to “live life without limits.”

The Bagrider transforms (or shall I say extends) from a suitcase to a travel seat for toddlers between the ages of 1yr-3 (33lbs).

For only $99.00, I can say every parent and caregiver should have one of these for their travel plans this year! Below is a closer look at The Bag Rider.

If it makes life with the littles easier, I want it, and the Bag rider by Mountain Buggy is a game changer for caregivers and parents! Be sure to visit their website, and follow their instagram and Facebook handles! For more posts related effortless parenting including a few travel tips and more, follow me on instagram and catch me on SA live every month!

Have a confetti worthy week!


Photography done by: Taylor Lucille of Taylor Lucille Photography

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