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December 5, 2016

Summer Hacks You Can STILL Use Now!

Time for a throwback! Don’t you love it when you go through your closet and you find an old blousse that STILL fits? Or a handbag that still has a lot of life to it? Well that’s todays segment from SA live! I filmed this “summer hack” segment earlier in July, and to my surprise a lot of them have come in handy lately! So I figured, since I failed to post it on my blog back then, why not now?! Chances are at least one of them will come in handy for ya! Tune in here!

Turn Potty training and ditching the paci into a PARTY!

Potty training is one of those inevitable moments that every child has to experience! If approached prematurely things can get tricky and training those little ones can be quite the battle! But believe it or not, the parents readiness is the MOST important in getting this party started the right way! Tune into my segment on SA Live as I share a few fun ways to start potty training, and ditching the paci! I even share a few ways to “sneak” the idea of going tee tee in the potty throughout the day resulting in a child more accepting to the whole idea! I hope you enjoy!