A confetti worthy perspective on Nanny Appreciation!

This week is such a special week! Tons of confetti is getting tossed around for nannies! I absolutely enjoy seeing the growth that has gone on within this industry, and we have National Nanny Appreciation Week to thank for that! This is such a great way to take out time to celebrate the ones who help you balance life by taking care of your children! If you have a nanny and want to show your appreciation, be sure to follow The Nanny Box for a thoughtful way to celebrate your nanny!

In today’s post, I wanted to take this time to share MY appreciation for this industry and why I am so passionate about my profession as a nanny! I can truly say that through this line of work I’ve experienced so much growth, fulfillment and I’ve even birthed new businesses and ventures all from doing what I love!

There’s so much that I appreciate as a nanny and that is what this post will be dedicated to. In no particular order, here is my nanny appreciation

The bond between my bosses and I

You don’t realize how much of an impact your employers have on your happiness at your job, until you work right next to them..in their home..with their children. The lines between the professional side and personal side of a nanny and their employer are so thin, they’d might as well be non existent. Many of us are working for people that others only get to see one side of. For us, we see many sides. We see the professional side, the parental side, the frustrated side, happy side, and more. We meet their extended family and establish bonds even between them. With such a relationship one can understand why leaving a job like this can be so hard for many of us. I’ve been extremely blessed to have had some pretty amazing bosses throughout my career. But it wasn’t always this way. I’ve been taken advantage of, lied to, scammed, treated like the help, you name it. So to say that I appreciate the bosses who have appreciated me, is just not saying enough. The awesome bosses that I have had have supported my dreams, and were also the inspiration behind many of my entrepreneurial endeavors- specifically the nanny box. Because of their endless efforts to show their appreciation, I was inspired to be the best nanny I could be, and I wanted to pass that same feeling of appreciation on to other nannies, and celebrate their work (#celebratenannylife)!

For me, I work very closely with my momboss as she is a WAH mom, and I know that a lot of nannies will not take a job if the parent works from home because many turn into helicopter parents and even worse- bosses. Fortunately for me, both my m&dboss have never been that way! Seeing the joy that she gets being able to work from home and witness the many different activities we do throughout the day makes it all worth it. She and my dadboss have become family to me, and it means the world that they see how much I truly enjoy not only being a nanny, but being their nanny. Everyday is a new adventure and though each day may not go as planned, each day is full of love, fun, and a memorable experience to cherish for a lifetime. I look forward to the future with them, because they aren’t just my bosses, they’re my family!

The bond between my charge and I 


Where do I begin? The little ones I have nannied for presently and in the past have become my best friends. In a world where people judge you for many different things, these guys don’t see color, they don’t see a stranger, they see a companion that truly wants the best for them. Children are the best role models and honestly, they teach me how to stop and cherish even the smallest things in life. For example, the walk from the front door to the car may not seem like much of any fun but because I never want to miss an opportunity to teach my charge, we notice the smallest little things, like the green lizard that tries its best to hide from us in the bushes, or the “aye-cones” that have fallen on the ground and we have to crush each one with our shoes.  My two former nanny girls don’t know this, but they gave me my passion for nannying, and my current charge who I’ve nicknamed “Blue” doesn’t know this either, but he confirms each day that we were meant to be in one another’s life. Your relationship doesn’t go away when you stop working for a family. It just grows in a different way. I am so grateful for our bond, and lifelong friendship we will have forever.

My nanny squad


#SQUADGOALS isn’t just a hashtag floating across everyones instagram feed. It’s a real thing even in the nanny community! I never thought I’d make so many nanny friends not just in my home city, but all around the world!! I recently went on a bestie trip with my bff, and there we stayed with my nanny friend Bettsy, of the Bettsy Jane Agency in LA who found my company off instagram and has supported me since the beginning! To be able to travel and visit, and even meet face to face with so many nannies who share the same passion as you is truly something invaluable. It really made me appreciate my profession even more! My San Antonio nanny squad is one that has evolved from playdates to now nanny only dates outside of work! We’re like sisters- different in every way but totally the same on so many levels! Love you guys!!

TV features!


This by far has been one of the biggest accomplishments for me that I can’t thank anyone for but God. You see, the reason why I love nannying so much is because I truly believe that I am called to help make people’s lives easier, by enhancing it the best way that I can. I love meeting and connecting with people in a way that is genuine and that makes them feel comfortable with sharing whatever it is they may want to share with me! I always want to be the one who has a recommendation for them full of value, and believe it or not, the daily variety show SA Live helps me combine and practice my gift and my passion each and every month! Being on television has always be a dream for me, and I never knew how this would come about, and just like that what started out as a means to advertise The Nanny Box, has turned into a reoccurring opportunity to share family, and child related topics on air each month for the past year! I have high hopes for this area in my life, and I’m just so thankful that SA Live supports nannies, and our efforts as much as I do!

I know that was a mouthful, but sharing a few things that I as a professional nanny am so appreciative of just feels not only amazing, but right. I’ve never done that, and I want the people in my life personally and professionally to know how much I truly appreciate them and how they make me love being a nanny 1000 times more!

If you know a nanny, make sure you celebrate them this week. Our jobs aren’t easy (contrary to popular belief) but they are a labor of love!

Until next time, have a confetti worthy Wednesday!!!!


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