Are you ever gonna get a real job?

Are you ever gonna get a REAL job?
I remember the very first time someone classified my job as a nanny as something other than a “real” job. I was a little embarrassed for a while because everyone around me viewed it as nothing more than a longterm babysitter’s position. “How hard could her job really be?” All of my friends were applying to work in Corporate America like settings, and here I am, applying to become “the help” as some choose to still call us.

But then, I began to notice some people I knew with the “real” jobs started to loose direction in their lives. Everyday was pretty much the same for them, and for me everyday was a new adventure, and another chance to bond and help make a positive impact in a way others just can’t. Their job became nothing more than a means of income every week. But for me, it was hard to even leave my nanny job because of the tight bond I had formed with the children in my care regardless of the pay. It was then when I realized this was not just a job; this was my passion!

Truth is…

  •  We are working for some of the strongest people on planet earth- parents!
  • Some of us are making more than many degree holding professionals 
  • We receive a ton of training and are apart of numerous networks that help keep us up to speed in our profession
  • We are responsible for creating a safe environment where a parent’s child will be able to be stimulated to creatively learn and grow to maneuver through this thing called life.
  • We care for the children when they are well, and when they are ill. Fever, chicken pocks, hand foot and mouth disease. We care for them through it all
  • We bite our tongue with a lot because at some point, our bosses are no longer just our employers…they’re family.
  • Our office changes quite often. One day it may be in the pool, and the next it may be at the zoo. No complaints though.
  • Most of us have desirable schedules that many people would kill for such as a 9-5 Mon-Friday with weekends off.
  • We work for some pretty important people such as CEO’s, entrepreneurs, Doctors, Lawyers, celebrities, authors, big time realtors and more.
  • Many of us receive amazing compensation packages with benefits ranging from guaranteed hours, multiple weeks of paid vacation, HSA accounts, paid room and board, company car, gas reimbursement if personal car is used, paid memberships, paid college tuition, annual raises, bonus opportunities, all expense paid travel, and the list goes on.
  • Caring for the child is a huge portion of our job. But we also tend to all things relative to them, handling their laundry, dishes, meal prep, home organization, appointment scheduling and attending (with or without mom and dad), errand running for the family, and more.
  • We get paid on the books.
    People who don’t understand or respect our line of work may try to minimize what we do. But remember, being a nanny is far more than just playing with children. You are raising the future, and helping Mom and Dad balance life between their careers, and their family. So the next time someone asks you “are you ever gonna get a real job?” don’t worry about proving it.

Just simply smile, and say “Na, Ima stay a Nanny!”

Until next time, Have a confetti worthy September 1st!




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