Little helpers

Happy Thursday!!

Those little ones sure love watching what we do, so why not include them in on some of the fun (I’ve never been one to turn down a little help here and there anyway!)

DSC04511 DSC04508

The little ones love to help! We just have to find fun ways to include them in on what we’re doing! Assigning little jobs here and there are great ways to encourage their independence and they begin to learn the meaning of team work a very valuable thing for them to learn so when they are around others their age, they enjoy sharing and working with others!

I try to do this as much as possible with Blue and we have such a great time working together. I love seeing how focused he gets and how determined he is to finish an activity with or without me!



Here’s a quick video demonstrating how we made them!┬áDon’t be afraid to make a mess in whatever you’re doing, especially when it comes to arts, crafts, or cooking! Embrace the mess!

That’s all for today, I hope you all are having a confetti worthy week!! Share some of your favorite activities to do with the little ones below, or on my instagram!

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