5 minute hairstyles for nannies!

I want the best of both worlds when it comes to my hair. Well, actually when it comes to a lot of things but for the sake of this post we’ll just stick to my hair..

I have been wearing my natural hair a lot lately and I’m loving it (cue Mc Donalds song)! It isn’t hard to manage at all! I didn’t really know or understand my hair texture until recently, and I discovered that it’s super curly, and always thirsty! Because of this alone, my hair flourishes best when it’s actually out and easily assessable which is my main reason for wearing it out more lately versus tucking it away under a wig or braids. I chose those protective hairstyles because they were super convenient and as a nanny and business owner,

My day begins fairly early and the last thing I want to do is spend a ton of time trying to figure out what to do with my hair. So I challenged myself. I wanted 5 hairstyles that I could do in 5 minutes or less each day! Despite the fact that I wanted to spend as few minutes on my hair as possible, I didn’t want to compromise on cuteness ;)! I take my charge on a ton of adventures outside of the house so it needs to be not only sustainable, but also pretty. What girl doesn’t want that?

Im excited to share with you my FIVE 5-minute hairstyles that I wear during my nanny week!

*Disclaimer: Unless otherwise mentioned, I used the same process leading up to the official styling part of my hair!

1.The Wash N’ Go

hairstyle 1

I have been a huge fan of the “Wash N’ Go” hairstyle since wearing my hair more often. It’s super cute and requires a minimum of just 5 minutes to style! This can last me up to 3-5 days before needing to “rewash” my hair again! That alone makes me love it! So fun!

To achieve this style, I simply shower as usual, and apply conditioner to my hair while wetting it. This is called co-washing. Much better than shampoo. I use Ion’s keratin line and I love love LOVE their conditioner! Once Im finished with my shower, I moisturize with Carol’s daughter hair milk, and I seal with eco style gel simply by taking generous amount in my hand and applying all over my hair. I let it air dry for the remainder of the day! So fun, carefree, and cute! Perfect for running errands around the town with my little guy Blue!

2. Half way up! 


So maybe you don’t want all of that hair in your face (especially if you live somewhere as hot as Texas!). No worries, take your finger and create a part across your crown and pull the front of your hair up in a fun semi-tight bun/puff! I love this style to change things up between my classic wash n’ go!

3. Puff, puff puff it up!


Pig tails and puffs aren’t reserved for the little ones anymore! This is such a fun style to rock at the park for a picnic, or even somewhere such as disney world/land! All you need is two ponytail holders, a little bit of gel, and about 5 minutes! Add bobby pins and create a smaller puff or bun if you have a ton of hair!

If your little ones are girls, have a twin day with this style!!

4. The Pineapple Puff!


Simple and cute just the way I like it! I reserve this style for days when I just can’t think of anything else to do or when I just don’t feel like wearing all of my hair out! It’s also great for the gym, or those the morning walks/runs I go on with my little guy at work! The name the “pineapple” came from the high puff, but if Im wanting to wear a hat I just simply lower it!

5. The double dutch braid


Summer is here, and we are spending lots of time in the pool. Double dutch braids work great for me because I don’t have to worry about my hair going crazy or having to redo it immediately after getting out of the water. I also love this style because it allows me to moisturize and condition my hair throughout the day! The only product I need for this style aside from my Carol’s daughter hair milk, is my ecostyler gel for to lay my baby hair down!

I hope you guys enjoyed these! I honestly wear each of these styles outside of work as well!

What are some of your go to hairstyles during the work week!

Hopefully your week will be a confetti filled one with a few more quick and easy hairstyles to try!!

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