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July 2016

Weekend unwinding

The weekends are my days off from #nannylife, but to be completely honest, I’m far from “off.” Im just working on my other projects which usually consists of content creating, following up with emails, marketing, and really tending┬áto any and everything I didnt get to do the previous week/weekend like “getting around” to cleaning my room, and/or my car (laundry is done during the week because it would never get done over the weekend lol)… Read more

Summer hacks, and snacks!!

Hi guys!!

Last week I met up with my friend Fiona, co-host at SA Live (a hit daily variety show here in San Antonio) to share a few fun hacks for a successful summer, as well as healthy snack ideas!! You can never have too many of either right!??! If you’d like to tune in, follow both links below!! Stay cool, and have a confetti worthy Tuesday!!


Healthy Snack Ideas!!