From Crib to…Floor?

The other day while talking with my charge’s swim instructor, she asked me how old he was, and when I told her that he was nearly 19 months, it suddenly dawned on me that he was right around the corner from turning two! You don’t realize how fast the time seems to go by until you tell someone how old your little one is..

That being said, I started reviewing a few of the up coming transitions Blue would be experiencing upon turning two, one thing that stood out to me was his transition from crib to bed. I do feel like it’s still a little premature and my mom boss and I haven’t even discussed this, but I couldn’t help but want to look at what parents are practicing these days….and then I discovered the newest and seemingly beneficial route to take rather than the traditional bed: sleeping on the floor…lol, not literally, but floor beds! It’s a montessori method and if you are hip to anything Montessori, then you know this method encourages independence in children starting at a very young age (I have nannied using this method and I LOVE it! Now days, this is just my nannying style: raising strong, confident, curious, independent little beings!). Head on over to Burlap and Blue to read about the 5 benefits of Floor Beds for your child from Ohhappyplay!


Have a confetti worthy Wednesday guys!

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