The Nanny Box got a facelift!

Your logo is everything.

It’s the representation of who and what your brand is all about. No wonder it took so long to design this thing!

Im really excited about today’s post because it’s about something I’ve been working on for quite some time now- the new  Nanny Box logo!

As many of you know, last year I created a way for families to celebrate their nannies for their amazing work. I brought my nanny bestie Karen on board and together we birthed The Nanny Box! Here was the logo we designed:

Not bad at all! But a lot has changed this past year, and I wanted our growth and transition to be illustrated  in our logo! I also wanted our logo to encompass not only what is going on presently with TNB but what is also to come in the future!

If you follow us on Instagram then you know we are all about bright colors, and a ton of confetti! It’s a never-ending celebration going on and I didn’t see that in our former logo! You see the umbrella which pays homage to Mary Poppins but that’s not exactly what we are doing with The Nanny Box. We aren’t just saying “hey we are another subscription box but this time its for nannies!” No, we are saying hey, nannies do a darn good job at raising kids who aren’t even theirs, and many don’t get the recognition they deserve for it so we want to change that. Most families who employ nannies are super busy as it is and don’t have the time to put in a thoughtful way to show their nanny how much they appreciate them and that’s one of the problems we are solving! That being said, though I liked our former logo, I couldn’t help but feel unfulfilled when looking at it.

As a business owner, you should be in love with your logo. It represents so much of what you’re all about! What is a business if you don’t love your logo? It’s stamped everywhere from your social media to your packaging to your business cards..I BETTER LOVE IT!  So to avoid making another logo design mistake, I took to pen and paper as I do with everything, and I decided to really write down what The Nanny Box meant to ME and what I wanted its message to be as a whole…..


Fast forward to a few sketches and a ton of concept email conversations with my graphic designer and we came up with THIS!!

TheNannyBox - Branding2

I cannot begin to tell you how in love with it I am! When you look at it you see that we aren’t just a box, but we are about something. We are sending a message.

So lets break down this logo (refer to image below to follow along :))…

I got an entire branding package from graphic designer and owner of  FOCVS designs, Ludmi. She created a custom color pallet, font, patterns, logo, logo variation, icon sub mark, social media icons, and business card templates…basically she took my brand from zero to hero, and for that she is my go to gal for all things brand based!

Now lets break down this logo! 

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 3.24.22 PM

A. The Name: More specifically the word “box” : Initially when we read the name we immediately turn our heads to the physical box that nannies receive on their door step because that’s what we do at the moment.

nannybox1Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 10.06.06 AM

But looking deeper, The Nanny Box represents a community of nannies. This community- the nanny industry is filled with a ton of amazing nannies who blog about their nanny adventures, share amazing craft ideas, write awesome resourceful books and more! The box clearly shares about our subscription gift service but it also connects us together. I’ve made hundreds of new nanny friends all from this “box!” Nothing like meeting another person who speaks nanny lingo.

 Nannies receive a box full of goodies and recourses curated with them in mind by someone who knows the ins and outs of what it’s like to be a nanny…me!

B. “celebrate nanny life”  Our former slogan was “from nannies to another” Which I love because when I started the nanny box, it wasn’t just me, but it was also my nanny bestie Karen and I! But due to unfortunate health constraints my PIC had to step down. Going from 50% owner to 100% owner really took a toll on me, but I noticed that my passion grew bigger for what I was doing- I was celebrating nannies and nanny life. I didn’t want to hide that. I wanted to embrace this career I love so much, and I wanted nannies to do the same!

C. Those people mixed into that confetti: It was at this point of the design process where I knew my graphic designer was a GENIUS! I love clean minimal looks that give a mature feel while making you feel happy and inspired at the same time. I guess that’s why we connected so well because so does she! When I told her that I wanted to somehow included silhoettes of people with children to symbolize nannies, she knew exactly how to do it without making it look childish!

D. Confetti: It had to happen!! What’s a celebration without confetti?! Seriously, when you look at the confetti mixed in with the people, it’s a no brainer to who we are celebrating!

So now, when you look at The Nanny Box, and you look at our logo, don’t just think of a box but instead think of the many ways in which we celebrate nanny life! We have so much in store and the box is just one fun, and unique example that we can’t stop tossing confetti over! Im so happy that every time I look at the new logo, I get excited about this crazy idea that I’ve always had- that nannies should be celebrated and now I have a beautiful logo and brand that will help me do just that!!

Do you have a business idea that needs a logo? Maybe you designed a logo but it now needs a facelift to really tell the message of your brand? Then you’ll LOOOOVE this offer!!


I HIGHLY recommend that you shoot Ludmi, from FOCVS an email, and take advantage of her special!!

use my coupon code: CELEBRATENANNYLIFE20 to receive 20% off logo designs, and CELEBRATENANNYLIFE30 to receive 30% off custom branding packages!

Want to show your nanny how much you appreciate her/him? I highly recommend getting on the wait list for the fall Nanny Box!

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