Got 5 minutes?

Hi guys!!

Last week my amazing super nanny friend Zakia featured a guest post here on my blog that talked about the importance of taking time for yourself as busy individuals, specifically parents and nannies. She stressed how just 5 minutes is not only a long time to child, but just enough time to stop and rewire. What you do during that five minutes is completely up to you!

Today I wanted to share an amazing tool that is sure to help you start and end your days with gratitude, and mental clarity. It is the Five Minute Journal (how fitting!).


Available in both hard cover and mobile app form, the Five Minute Journal main purpose is to bring more happiness in our daily lives! How can you say no to that?!

I was introduced to this gem via the creator’s youtube channel. Both Mimi and Alex Ikonn have their own separate channels that are sure to motivate and inspire young leaders all over the world to live a life full of experiences,efficiency, and overall happiness! If you haven’t visited their page, you ought to!

In celebrating mental health awareness month this May, what a great way to start and end your days with such a healthy habit.

I love the app version because it’s always with me, I can store photos of my daily adventures (and as a nanny, we have tons of them!) and also refer to my daily affirmations and what I’m most grateful for, and what I am aiming for on that specific day.


What do you do in 5 minutes to recharge?


Until next time, don’t forget to toss your confetti!



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