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Happy Wednesday!

Today I want to pour my heart out over something I have been loving lately, and what better time to share this than during Healthy Nanny Month?! What? You haven’t heard?! That’s right, Stephanie Baucum, owner of Nanny tees and myself owner of The Nanny Box have been discussing our own personal health and wellness goals and we thought it would be fun to create a “Healthy challenge”¬†throughout the month of May within our nanny community! Boy oh boy do we have a lot of fun in store for you!

This week we are focussing on healthy meals and how to receive a ton of nutrition even during super
long busy days that most of us experience! Be sure to follow my personal social media account as well as the nanny box and nanny tees as there will be a ton of fun and easy recipes and meal choices that we picked out just for you!

Now back to today’s post.

My boss has recently jumped on the juicing train and has been riding it for a while (you go girl!) and it has inspired me to jump back on too (I was on for a bit but hopped off because I wasn’t that serious lol!)..

I’ve always loved the idea of juicing because you can pack in A TON of nutrients from real fruits and veggies by turning it into juice!

Before you decide to go this route, I HIGHLY advise you do some research on juicing vs blending as well as what kinds of juice cleanses are right for you!

My boss introduced me to this awesome company “Daily Greens” based out of Austin Texas that makes fresh cold pressed juices. I have to admit I was attracted to the price more than anything (9 12oz bottles for $23 at costco) and then I read Shauna Martin’s, (the owner) story and from there I was sold!!

Here’s how I use them

I drink two-three of these a day in between meals. One in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the early evening. I notice a boost of energy, as soon as I finish one along with the satisfaction of putting a ton of good stuff in my body without all the hassle!

Juicing is a great option for busy parents and nannies always on the go in need of a boost in energy! Daily greens can be purchased online as well as in many health food stores.

I’m entering into week two and I feel so good! It’s usually hard for me to stick to something especially something like a cleanse but I’m becoming used to it more and more. That’s what it’s all about- the lifestyle change versus the momentary “diet.”

Here are the different Juices that come inside. I honestly don’t have a favorite because I love them all, and the sugar content is super low!



You’re getting almost 5 pounds of veggies stuffed into this 12 oz bottle, can’t beat that at all!!

Stay tuned for more recipes, and juice cleanse option this week!!

Until next time, push that stroller, and toss that confetti!


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