THOUGHTFUL Gift Ideas for your Nanny!

It’s suddenly that time of year again. Where did the time go?! Really! At least for me it feels like the beginning of the year was JUST last month. Before I move forward, I want you to know that when creating this list, I was considerate of the fact that you (families) lead VERY busy lives, and you have a ton of other shopping to do as well (you may even have a special Christmas event that you’re planning as well). So the last thing you need is a list of DIY gifts that take up a ton of your time. Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Let me start off with sharing that over the past 7 years throughout my nannying career, ive experienced what a gift looks like that shows how appreciative my bosses were of me, and then ive seen what a gift looks like that they just threw together. (seriously, I once received an ornament my boss received from a white elephant party at her office. In case you don’t know, your nanny is right now exploring TONS of pinterest boards searching for the perfect gift to get not only your children, but also you guys! I figured you’d be doing the same so I put together a list of different gift ideas suitable for numerous budgets. These gifts are helpful ways to show your thoughtfulness and consideration and appreciation for your nanny without taking up too much time. So without further or due, here is my list of Thoughtful gift Ideas For Your Nanny!

*Be sure to watch all the way to the very end for a very special gift idea!

xo- The one pushing the stroller, and tossing the confetti!



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