The Nanny gift that NEVER Fails!


In my last post I shared a few gift ideas to help your nanny family decide on the perfect gift for you, their nanny!

Today I’m sharing my most FAVORITE gift nannies can get for their nanny family, and you don’t even have to come out of pocket! It holds so much value and is very thoughtful in my opinion. The gift is a coupon card! This is the perfect stand alone gift, or even pairing with an additional gift ┬áthat you’re already giving to your family. But if you’ve been working a ton and you just haven’t been able to go out and shop for the perfect gift, I assure you they will LOVE this one! Each year this is always my gift of choice for my nanny family and I like to get a little creative and add to its uniqueness and value every time . Here is what it looks like.


Feel free to get creative and use your own design (we’re sticking with confetti over here!) if you choose!

I wanted to give at least one free date night for my bosses to use anytime. If needed you can add in fine printing such as *must not exceed 8 hours, doesn’t include normal working hours, etc

Then I added a discounted sitting service. I love them all and who wouldn’t want some free sitting services from their nanny! The baby-sitting punch card is great because once they use my sitting for 5 times, they get another free sitting service (again, add in fine printing if you think you will need it with your NF).

The “1 non nanny service” is a great way to help your NF with a few things around the house you’re normally not “required” to do!

well, the baby is up from nap so this nanny’s gotta go!


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