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Besides a venti pumpkin spiced latte (and now toasted graham latte), booties, and a nice fall lip color, I love the fall season as a nanny. Pumkin patches, cool morning walks, acorns falling on your head, and my favorite- a ton of arts and crafts which is exactly what this post is going to be about. Im going to share one of my most favorite crafts to do with the little ones-

hand and foot (no not the disease lol) print art!

They’re so much fun and thanks to pinterest, you can make so many different and unique ones. Who knew a foot could create so many different things!

The best part about hand and foot print art is that you can do them with them with the littles as early as 5 months (I’d wait until around 10-11 months for hand printing)! I know from first hand experience it can sometimes seem like more of a messy task than anything because they’re so squirmy and you can’t really get that exact foot print out you desire!

After doing hundreds of art with little hands and feet (seven years worth!), I’ve finally got it figured out, but let me just be the first to say, its not going to be perfect! The goal is to get as close to perfection as possible without having to go through 5 different sheets of paper, and this technique will help out a lot!

Today I want to share an easy and rather quick way to do hand and foot art for even the squirmiest little one!

 I’ll demonstrate with a precious craft I found on pinterest that is perfect for fall. Their blog is sweetandlovelycrafts. They had the cutest scarecrow craft that I could not wait to do with my little charge, Blue. Here is the final product we completed


Here is my technique:

My charge is going on 10 months now, but when I started crafts with him he was 4-5 months. now that he’s crawling and just so excited to explore the world, I have to secure that little body just to make sure we get those close to perfect foot prints we desire so for me, a high chair works best..This keeps them nice and secure making it a lot easier to get to those wiggly feet. This works just as well when doing hand print art.  My favorite time to do foot print crafts are either before or after a meal.


 Sponges make paint application SO much easier!

Instead of using a paint brush to apply the paint, apply it to a sponge and in just 1-2 dabs you’re done! I mostly like this because it controls the consistency of the paint going on their feet preventing that runny slippery gliding foot print that we all dread after working so hard to get the paint on them in the first place!

For this craft you’re going to need green (or whatever color paint you prefer for the outfit), and tan (or whatever color paint you prefer for the hay)

*side note: Be sure you have wet wipes handy..as a matter of fact the entire box should be nearby…makes the clean up a lot easier…no one wants mysterious stained marble or carpet no matter how cute the craft is..:)



Here is an example of the foot print done with paint applied to the foot via a sponge versus the paint brush. Not perfect but gets the job done and the paint isn’t nearly as slippery as it usually is with a paint brush! Another option would be to apply the paint with a brush and wait about a minute to let it dry some…You’ll run the risk of the little ones not being as patient but it’s still an option :).

After you’ve stamped those precious feet, set the paper aside to dry. Once I’ve finished the foot print I normally just set it aside, clean little guys feet (and whatever else we may have accidentally gotten paint on), and then resume snack, and play.

Now that we’ve done the body, here is what I used to create the face, hair, and everything else.

Sharpie markers (the pen kind preferably) in the color you’d like for you scarecrow-

I chose the exact colors from sweet and lovely craft blog.


Use this photo as a guide to recreate your very own scarecrow for the fall all from the footprint of your little ones feet!

Hope you enjoy!! Until next time,

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