Holy chic! Free Printables!

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I am so excited to share with you all a new website I stumbled across (thanks Pinterest) today while searching for some chic printable’s to hang on my bedroom/office wall! Right now, this is what I’m working with, and it’s time to finish what started out as an office decor project…


This wall art project has gone long enough, and it’s time I get it together, buckle down and fix it the way I intend for it to look (not like this!). More on my Room/office decor project in the near future. This post is for those interested in some free stuff 🙂

ohdeer1 copy

While on Pinterest looking for wall gallery inspiration, I stumbled across a website that shared free printable’s, and that’s where I got the first two images from- the other is a digital image I’ve had for a while now.

Chic Fetti is the website and Im completely smitten! They offer a wide range of printable’s..FREE printables such as monogram, party, wedding, decor, and more! In addition they are also a gift shop (If you love Kate spade you’ll adore them!)  and a ton of DIY ideas!  I can’t wait to find some cute frames for these guys I printed, and i’ll definitely be back for more! You just have to like or share their page to unlock the free download and you’re in! Or you can sign up as a member!

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